Hi! My name is Amber Dunlap, Freelance Writer & Non-Stop Adventurer currently living the dream in Cartagena, Colombia. Whether you need enticing website copy, SEO-friendly blog posts, or are looking for inspiring travel content for your publication, I am your girl. Just peruse my writing portfolio for a taste of my past work for brands and publications like The Culture-ist, Intrepid Travel, and more.

My Specializations & Writing Preferences:

Having lived in South America since the beginning of 2016, it’s what I know best, however, thanks in large part to a very eye-opening study abroad experience in college, I’ve come to know more than 18 countries around the world…plus my research skills are top-notch (I was a science major for goodness sake!). Don’t believe me? Read this piece I did for Backroads featuring 10 destinations I’ve definitely never traveled to.

I’ve mainly written for travel companies but would love to be complementing that writing with more social impact and longform storytelling. I’m always accepting new writing clients (as I am hoping to make writing my full-time gig this 2019!). My rate is negotiable, so just ask and we can find a rate that works for both us.

If interested in working together, get in touch with me about your writing needs at aed194 [@] gmail.com.

Where I’ve Been

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.52.36 PM

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